Gives an ideal shape to the breast, lifts it up and enlarges it

Don't notice under clothes, allows you to wear open strapless clothes

Universal, good for breasts of any shape and size


FLY BRA women's bra - the biggest success of the year! The novelty has become one of the best-selling products in Europe and worldwide. Ultra-thin and completely invisible to foreigners Bra is the perfect addition to your equipment. Unique adhesive technology allows you to securely connect to your chest, giving it a perfect shape and visually increase its size. Now, even with small breasts, you will have the chance to wear a beautiful dress with a deep neckline and open again. This invisible FLY BRA bra dressed 30 seconds dressed up, does not disturb and side effects. With it, your bust will be the most volume in shape and that will make you even more beautiful and sexy.

We have worked on the production of this product and we have worked more famous stylists. After many years of work they have managed to create the perfect shape of a female strapless bra, which completely change your idea of underwear. If you are shy about her breast, feel uncomfortable when wearing a bikini or evening dresses, but now all this will be at your disposal. You do not need to spend money on plastic mastoplasty breast surgery, you do not need to use Botox or different creams to increase the volume. This unique bra will do everything on its own and in seconds.

According to many stylists and designers of clothing for women today, it is FLY BRA's silicone bra bra is the easiest and most profitable way to enhance breast beauty. This innovative invention helps solve the two most important problems - making the breast bigger and making the bra invisible to others.

The particular shape of the product is a silicone two halves, connected by a tight connection. The inner surface of each medium is ideal for the size of your breast and natural silicone. When moistening the product with water and tightly pressed against the chest, silicone sticks and safe even strapless. With front lacing, you can freely change the position and shape of your breasts, choosing the most comfortable and beautiful solution. FLY BRA before and after effect is fantastic - visually the breasts get bigger and bigger than 1-2 sizes! In addition, absolutely everyone around will think that you don't wear a bra because it will be 100% invisible and imperceptible. Imagine how many places of the enthusiastic man you can take to a party, on the street, on holiday or even on the beach. This invention will make you a queen of any event and increase the level of sexuality to the maximum.

Since the FLY BRA breast increase laundry made of medical grade silicone, it is absolutely natural and safe to use. The inner surface is very soft and pleasant to the touch, so that you do not feel uncomfortable. In addition, it is very important that the product is completely lifted by shoulder straps to waistbands that constantly rub the skin, circulation and compromise placed under clothes.

If you experience an irresistible desire to buy FLY BRA, we recommend you take the help of our site and order the item right now. Bra has no flaws, but has a huge number of advantages:

No straps and clips on the back of the bra make use easier and convenient.

You don't need to bow your hands or ask someone to secure it on the back, as the product will stick to your body and securely on its own.

The versatile models and a wide range of sizes A, B, C, makes it easy to find exactly the model that will be convenient for you.

Special lacing system helps to correct the sinus position according to its size. For example, if you have large breasts, you can loosen the laces, as if a small - quite the opposite harder to tighten. This way you can change the depth of the grooves and control the depth of your neck.

At FLY BRA price is not higher than the classic types of women's underwear. But in this case you get a more convenient and practical solution.

Have a bra in your wardrobe, you can always put any open or light dress up.

The product is made in two colours - black and beige. You can choose the option that will be perfect for your clothes.

Bra is recommended for use for women who have problems with small breasts or loss of elasticity after birth. FLY BRA bra bra silicone bra FLY BRA reviews of which are very good, which will help you solve any breast problem.

When you learn FLY BRA FLY what is in our country, it is certainly the desire to order this article. But keep in mind that a good balance

Fly Bra

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